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A little about me...

I like to travel and discover new places.

I enjoy meeting new people.

I run ultramarathons.

I'm patient and work well under pressure.

I believe life is more interesting while continually learning.

I enjoy helping others.

I grew up speaking English and French.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

My passion for photography...

I love to capture not only the beauty and uniqueness of everyone, but details and moments that might otherwise be missed. My focus is to create high-quality images that people are proud to share and display in their home.

As previous clients have noticed, my ultramarathon stamina comes into play to cover weddings all day and night. I might even burn as many calories. I’ve also been known to climb trees and walk through murky marshes to get the best composition for your family photograph.

I am a people person. My main goal is to photograph not just beautiful images, but personalities and expressions. My approach is to help my subjects relax and have fun. This is one of the main reasons my clients are consistently pleased with the results. I feel a special responsibility when people like you entrust me with special occasions. From weddings to family photos, I know each photo session is meant to capture a moment in time for you. I don’t take this lightly, and I consider it a privilege.

I'd love to hear your story and how I can capture meaningful photographs for you.

Yours truly,



Anu De Angelis - Event Manager, Anderson Links 

"Michael Lalonde did the photos for an Aug 2nd wedding here at Anderson Links and will be again working with on a wedding here end of September...from what I have seen so far, I would highly recommend him, plus he was GREAT to work with from my end as well."

Patricia - Mother of newlywed daughter

"Michael your photography is absolutely unique and beautiful from what I have seen."


"The pictures are absolutely amazing; you're so good at what you do!! We've gotten so many compliments on them! Can't thank you enough! And your assistant too."


"THANK YOU so much!! We had so much fun today taking the photos - We  have some great pictures!! They will be very memorable for us! Hope you were able to warm up after that 'extreme photo shoot'." (It was nearly -30C outside)

Lenerdene & Carol - Co-authors of a clinical book for physiotherapists 

"We sent off the chapter with the photos and they are sending them to the publisher to make sure of the quality - we thought they looked great! Thanks for all your work and for getting them to us so quickly." - Lenerdene

"Dear Michael, Thanks so much for doing these photos for us - they are excellent & will make the chapter very professionally illustrated. Appreciate it!" - Carol

Véronique & Junior

Here's an articlethat Véronique, the bride, wrote for Essence of Australia.

Chantal Montenegrino - Mother

"They had a blast! Thank you for entertaining all of their ideas (''J'ai une idée!!!''). You're one of the most patient people I know! You're great at what you do!"

Marie-France & Terry

"Ça fait 2 ans que je suis marié et je regarde encore mes photos comme si c'était la première fois que je les voyais! Le service que Michael nous a donné était excellent. Dès la première rencontre on lui a toute suite fait confiance. Son écoute et ses idées ont faite en sorte que nos photos de fiançailles et de mariages on été parfaites."


"I am blown away by your talent! Anybody can learn to take great photos. But to be a great photographer takes a special gift and you have it! Your photos of my niece and nephew were pure magic! You captured their innocence & personalities so beautifully and in such a rare and candid way. Nothing looked staged. Every pose looked natural and you can see how comfortable the kids were with being photographed by you! Your artistic and innovative style results in poses that are bursting with life! It is clear that you are devoted to capturing life’s happiest moments, in the most original, creative and enjoyable ways possible. It is no easy task to produce great kids pics -- it can truly be hit or miss. And every one of your photos were a HIT!! I would recommend you to anyone! Great work!"


"Presque 1 an passé, nous avons vécu la plus belle journée de notre vie! Grâce à Michael, nous pouvons revivre les plus beaux moments de cette journée à tous les jours! Ton talent naturel, ta patience et ta créativité ont permis de capturer les plus beaux souvenir que nous avons et que nous garderons de notre mariage. Michael à su démontrer un professionnalisme incroyable durant nos sessions de photos, tout en gardant un sens d'humour qui nous a permis d'avoir autant de plaisir que lui! Merci pour tout Michael! Nous n'hésiteront pas à faire appel à toi pour capturer les prochains moments importants de notre vie!"

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Photographs from my Sports & Adventure portfolio can be seen here.

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